Let’s grow together

Let’s raise a toast to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s brighter future. May this year bring us even more wonderful opportunities to grow together.

Growing is the essence of weaving.

Thread by thread, line by line, from the most basic to the most exquisite, a wide range of fabrics emerge from our weaving machines. That's why Picanol offers a wide variety of machines and services that enable weavers to create every fabric imaginable.

Growing is the essence of doing business.

The relentless pursuit to weave faster, better and more cost-efficiently is what drives you, and motivates us. That's why we make our machines ever more energy-efficient, user-friendly and easy to set.

Growing is the essence of the future.

The world changes quickly, and only those who are ready to learn and adapt will survive. That's why Picanol machines are sustainable, future-proof and intelligent machines that can adapt to changing circumstances and connect with each other. And that's why at Picanol, we want to be an intelligent organization that listens to our customers and develops together with them.

Because our goal is to Grow Together. With you, our customers and partners.

We will grow together by removing all the obstacles and conventions holding back your ambition and our imagination. We will grow together by enabling your continued access to the latest technology. We will grow together by inspiring each other, listening to each other and learning from each other.

We truly believe that the future holds tremendous opportunities for growth. Let's grab them.
Let's grow together in 2015 and beyond.

Luc Tack
Managing Director