Training: takes our talent further

Welcome to Picanol’s best-in-class training centers located around the world: Ieper (Belgium), Suzhou (China) and Greenville (USA)!

All our training centers offer specialist technical training on weaving machines for machine operators, fitters and weaving managers.

Well-trained employees are a real asset to your company. Skilled staff enable your machines to run at optimum performance, resulting in top fabric quality and highest plant efficiency.

Training is part of the deal that Picanol offers to its customers. We feel it is our duty to help your employees improve their skills and knowledge. That's why we decided last year to invest in a state-of-the-art Technical Training Center at our headquarters in Ieper. Three fully equipped rooms (each with weaving machines, cut-away models, mini-workshop etc.) cover a total area of 270 m2. This new knowledge center allows Picanol to train technicians from customers around the world under the best possible conditions. All facilities are there to give your employee a warm welcome.

If your employees are not able to travel to one of our training centers, our instructors can come to you and organize training at your premises.

To make the knowledge transfer as efficient as possible, courses are offered in various languages. English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Chinese are available as standard. Other languages can be organized on request.

A complete list of our training courses can be found on our website:

The Picanol contract usually includes training vouchers: depending on the number of machines purchased, customers can send their staff to Ieper for expert training. The vouchers cover the cost of the classes (which usually last for two weeks): all that customers have to pay for are the travel and accommodation expenses.

In order to make the visit to our premises as convenient as possible, accommodation is organized in the historic city of Ieper. On days when there are no courses we help the trainees to discover our nearby cultural heritage, such as the cities of Bruges, Ghent or Paris.

Our team is always at your disposal for further information or questions.

Please contact (tel.+32 / 57 22 21 11).