SmartCut: the smartest way to cut the filling!

SmartCut is the latest and most advanced filling cutter available on the market. The development was triggered by an increasing demand from our customers for maximum performance combined with extreme versatility.

Thanks to its independent drive and modular design, the cutting moment can be controlled individually. As a result the clamping in the gripper and the length of the filling tail can be fully adjusted, in general and per channel!  This allows every filling combination – coarse or chenille, subtle as Lurex or weak as wool, in single or multiple pick – to be cut and clamped at the exact moment required, ensuring faultless insertion with minimum waste!

As the settings are electronic, they are part of the digital machine and style settings, and can easily be called up or copied to another machine.

The cutter mechanism itself consists of a conjugated cam-pair in oil bath driven by a high-performance motor, ensuring maintenance-free, durable operation.

SmartCut is the more advanced alternative to the conventional mechanical cutter and electronic disc cutter, both of which remain available for less demanding applications.