Pick Repair Automation – PRA II Plus

Smart automation for your machine

Picanol’s Pick Repair Automation (PRA II Plus) system automatically restarts the machine after a filling stop, saving valuable time and resources as no intervention by the weaver is required.

The original PRA system used a suction nozzle to extract faulty insertions from the fabric. Picanol has taken this a step further with the PRA II Plus by adding a rotating pneumatic clamp and an improved detection mechanism.

Late or missing fillings are detected by the machine which then activates the PRA sequence. During a short pause of the machine the faulty filling is inserted into the suction mouth. The rotating, pneumatically driven clamp then further pulls the filling yarn out of the fabric. After successful removal of the filling, the machine is automatically restarted and production can continue.

Fine-tuning of the PRA settings can be done for each insertion channel individually so the benefits of this feature are obtained even when using different types of filling yarn.

The OMNIplus Summum combined with the new PRA II Plus system provides the best-in-class pick removal system in the market, offering high performance not only in terms of success rate but also in operating speed. Clearly this makes the Picanol PRA II Plus system a much-desired feature, giving weavers the efficiency and performance they deserve on our machines.

PRA II Plus is available on OMNIplus Summum machines. It is also available as an aftermarket solution for existing Summum installations. OMNIplus 800 machines can be equipped with the previous PRA system.