New OptiMax version with Guided Positive Grippers

The new version of Picanol's OptiMax rapier machine, with Guided Positive Grippers, has been embraced by weavers looking for a valid alternative to projectile machines. The OptiMax GPG offers a better price/performance ratio along with state-of-the-art, future-oriented technology.

Applications as diverse as primary and secondary carpet backing, wide coating fabrics and PVC-coated conveyor belts have proven to be very successful. Many customers have already placed repeat orders, a good indicator for the acceptance of the technology.

Picanol's Guided Positive Gripper (GPG) stands out from older technology because of its dry insertion, avoiding the oil stains often found on lubricated projectiles. This enables the OptiMax fabric to be used for lamination or knife-coating without further cleaning. The OptiMax GPG is built in widths ranging from 190 to 540 cm, offering new possibilities in many other segments.

The OptiMax GPG is designed to accept existing beams and batching motions. The footprint of the machine allows easy replacement of older projectile machines within the same alleys. As the OptiMax GPG is built on the same assembly lines as the already successful OptiMax, the same world-class service is provided for spares, training and installation.