Presentation of new OptiMax-i rapier machine

From Tuesday 8 September to Friday 11 September 2015 the Picanol team gave a live demonstration of the OptiMax-i, its new rapier machine. With the new OptiMax-i Picanol has set a new benchmark in the rapier industry because this is the fastest industrial rapier weaving machine in the world. Thanks to its innovative design, the OptiMax-i is also the most versatile and user-friendly rapier machine with the lowest energy consumption on the market! It can be adapted to a wide range of fabrics, which means that it provides weavers with a great deal of flexibility in reacting to changes in market requirements.

Picanol also gave a sneak preview of its TerryMax-i, a new machine for weaving terry fabrics, available for the first time in a rapier format. In line with its new marketing campaign "Let's grow together," in which Picanol uses visuals of children at different stages of growing up, children of some of the Picanol employees had the honor of collectively unveiling the new OptiMax-i rapier machine.

At Picanol, we live up to the slogan "Let's grow together" as we are convinced that we can help our customers to grow. We've done it in the past and we are very determined to continue doing so in the future. The new rapier machines will be making their international debut at the ITMA Milan fair in November 2015, where Picanol will be presenting its new technologies in Hall 1, Booth D 101.