New filling detector

It is our mission to continuously improve our products and features, and we have now released a new version of our filling detector in front of the reed.

With this new version we have eliminated the connector on the cable (detector side), further increasing the reliability of this critical component in our machines.

Although connectors are a vital part in all electronics and machinery, they should be reduced to a minimum. Over time, connections can become loose or even damaged (especially in combination with vibrations) and cause undesired interruptions to the weaving process.

By eliminating connectors we get more space just next to the filling detector, allowing better positioning of relay and stretching nozzles. Also, the frequency of repairs will be reduced.

The new detector will be fitted on OMNIplus 800 and OMNIplus Summum machines built from April 1 onwards and will have a different part number (BE318739) than the previous one. The new detector is also available in aftermarket for OMNIplus 800 and OMNIplus Summum machines.

The old version of filling detector, comprising cable (BE308843) and detector (BE313077), remains available to order on the aftermarket for previous machine generations that have already been installed.  Contact your CSR or Aftermarket Sales Manager for quotations.

A comparison of the old and new detector is shown in the illustration here.

New filling detector