Upgrade your machines to the latest technology with LDEC

When Picanol launched the OptiMax rapier machine in 2007, one of the major changes was in the electronics system with the introduction of LDEC (Loom Drive Electronic Convertor), used to drive the Sumo motor. This change was so successful that from April 2009, LDEC was also installed on the airjet machines. All machines produced since that time are fitted with LDEC.

The new LDEC drive technology is superior in many aspects. It features the latest generation of power drive components with longer lifetime as well as inbuilt protection against overload. It also includes even more precise control of the pulse sequences, which is necessary to keep the power factor under control.

The LDEC board itself is modular in design, with main functions located on individual boards.

The LDEC electronics are air cooled, yielding a robust and easy-to-integrate module which does not depend on additional cooling devices.

Thanks to this modular design LDEC can also be easily added on all Picanol airjet and rapier machines that have a Sumo motor. This means that customers with previous-generation machines can also benefit from the advantages of today’s technology.