Extra flexibility in heddle movement

A weaving machine wouldn’t be a weaving machine without frames and heddles… That’s why the Picanol Group continues to invest in the quality and flexibility of its GTP harness frames. When evaluating feedback from our customers we noticed that the previous generation of frames would sometimes cause issues when trying to reposition the heddles. The center supports of the frames would block this movement and repositioning was a difficult operation.

Picanol has now developed a new fixed center support for the GTP frames in which the heddles can be moved to the left or right side of the frame without any tools whatsoever. This greatly reduces the time for making changes to the drawing-in in case of fabric marks. The fixed center support ensures that top and bottom of the harness frames are still perfectly aligned and that the position of the center support remains the same for all frames used in the weaving room.

For more information about the different harness frames offered by Picanol, visit the GTP homepage at www.globaltextilepartner.com.