Electronic Filling Tensioner (EFT)

The filling tensioner to grow in your market

All the mechanical components and advanced electronics of the Picanol OptiMax weaving machines are designed for optimum fabric quality and minimum waste. The Electronic Filling Tensioner (EFT) is one such component, ensuring minimum filling tension during the complete insertion cycle.

The EFT is an electronically controlled brake using very long yet extremely light lamellas together with damping elements. By using these long lamellas, the braking force is distributed over a long filling length. In this way the filling tension during insertion of irregular filling yarns such as bouclette or flax is kept well under control. The first and second braking plates allow knots to pass without tension peaks or loss of braking force. The combination of the long braking plates and the damping properties of the spring system makes it possible to decrease the static tension, which makes the Electronic Filling Tensioner ideal for weaving weak yarns that do not tolerate additional forces. The results of this highly dynamic design are correct brake force and timing.

Each individual Electronic Filling Tensioner is equipped with pneumatic cleaning, making it possible to weave contaminating filling yarns without any problems.

To save as much of the weaver's precious time as possible, the Electronic Filling Tensioner is easy to set from the machine display, with a minimum of different braking areas to define. In the design special attention has been paid to user-friendliness, so that the brake can be opened easily for re-threading.

The EFT controls the widest possible range of filling yarns such as wool, chenille, bouclette, mono-filament, flax, filling for blankets, etc. It can be used on any type of prewinder for the OptiMax, and so is also available for the aftermarket.

Electronic Filling Tensioner