Cordless cut reed (airjet)

In its constant search for savings in the weaving mill, Picanol now offers the “Cordless cut reed” feature, making it possible to weave without catch cords.

The Picanol cordless cut reed feature works as follows. A ring jet suction device at the right hand side holds the filling upon arrival. Clamps on the reed holder bring the filling towards the cloth fell where it is cut by an electrical waste cutter and sucked away after which the filling waste is blown into a waste container.

The “cordless cut reed” reduces operating costs in various ways:

- It is no longer necessary to have catch cord yarns at the right hand side of the fabric. Consequently, no investment in flange bobbins or horizontal bobbin creels is needed (if they supply only catch cords).

- No logistics for handling of catch cords needed.

- The machine becomes more reachable for the operator as guidance of the waste yarn is eliminated.

- No winding-up device for waste lint is needed.

- As the filling waste is not mixed with other yarn types, recycling of pure filling waste becomes possible.

- No drawing-in of the waste ends is required, which permits further optimization of the workload.

This feature is available on OMNIplus Summum and OMNIplus 800 machines and as an upgrade for machines that have already been installed.