Mobile connection is the future of weaving

What if you could manage the production of an entire weaving mill from a mobile device? Of course this dream is no more than science fiction, and yet ... What we want to share with you is how we are currently thinking about wireless connectivity with our products in the future. And to give you a hint of what you can expect to see on our booth at ITMA 2015 Milano.

People already use their mobile devices to connect with their television, hi-fi, thermostats, even refrigerators and washing machines. So why shouldn't the weaver connect to the weaving machine? Imagine it could tell you to get more yarn? Or let you know weaving machine 55 needs a new warp beam or number 80 has a full cloth roll?

Weavers are constantly running around to make sure production continues with as few interruptions as possible. Being mobile offers extra ways to stay connected with your work, in the same way as a sales manager who needs to be connected to the office. Picanol is exploring that next step in mobile connectivity for the weaving room. We look forward to sharing our ideas and our progress with you at ITMA Milano.