Automatic Relay Valve Drive – ARVDplus (airjet)

Energy costs directly affect the profitability of weaving mills and therefore require specific attention when designing production tools such as weaving machines. Picanol invests a lot of time and effort in optimizing the air consumption of its looms so that customers can use the available energy as efficiently as possible. One of the many developments for this is the Automatic Relay Valve Drive or ARVDplus.

The ARVDplus automatically adapts the closing time of the relay nozzle valves according to the behavior and air-friendliness of the filling yarn. For maximum versatility, customers can select one of the three levels of automatic adjustment – low, medium or high – to suit the type of filling yarn, each indicating how much the relay nozzle blowing times can be adjusted by the machine.

When activated from the machine’s terminal, ARVDplus continuously monitors the main insertion parameters measured by the machine, such as the winding timings and filling arrival time. These data are processed and evaluated and the valve blowing timings of the relay nozzle valves are adapted automatically. The system reduces blowing times until it detects a possible unstable situation and then reverts to the optimal situation.


- As the relay nozzles are responsible for 75% of total air consumption, optimizing the timing significantly impacts the overall air consumption, without compromising on fabric quality.

- By reducing the actual blowing time of the relay nozzles, the filling is less affected by high air pressure during the insertion cycle, which reduces damage and enhances the weaveability of weaker yarns on wide machines.

- Shortening of the relay nozzle valve timing is different for each valve leading to the optimal working situation depending on insertion parameters.

- Air consumption savings of up to 12% can be achieved depending on the type of filling yarn.


ARVDplus has been tested and proved effectively in the field on a broad range of yarns and gives optimal results with both spun and filament yarns.This software option is available on the new OMNIplus 800, OMNIplus Summum and TERRYplus 800 airjet machines and also as an aftermarket solution.