At Picanol we are convinced we can help our customers grow. We’ve done it in the past and are very eager to keep doing so in the future. 

To demonstrate our strong beliefs we have asked some of our customers to explain their choice of Picanol. They all point to different features and aspects of the Picanol weaving machines: energy-friendliness, time-saving capacity, flexibility etc. But they all have one main thing in common: they are companies with ambition and imagination that are determined to keep growing. 

Mr. Dalmia

Mr. Dalmia - Century Textiles and industries Ltd. "We have invested only in the latest technologies, giving us an enormous competitive advantage." Read more

Mr. Dilip Jiwrajka

Mr. Dilip Jiwrajka - Managing Director - ALOK INDUSTRIES LIMITED "With an installed base of more than 1200 Picanol weaving machines, Alok focuses on world-class infrastructure, best-in-class technology, uncompromising quality and dynamic product innovation." Read more

Mr. Haci Boydak

Mr. Haci Boydak - Chairman - BOYTEKS "Over 188 Picanol airjets produce mattress ticking fabrics which find their way to the market worldwide. Recently Boyteks placed an order for an additional 10 OMNIplus Summum machines, to be installed from September 2015 onwards." Read more

Mr. Saqib Nisar

Mr. Saqib Nisar - Technical Director - NISHAT MILLS "Recently Nishat Mills installed 77 OMNIplus Summum machines for production of home textiles and garments. The total output reaches approximately 9.0 million meters of fabric per month, making it the largest weaving facility in Pakistan for home textile and apparel fabrics. Besides the OMNIplus Summum airjets there is also a battery of OptiMax rapiers." Read more

Mr. H.K. Chatterjee

Mr. H.K. Chatterjee - Vice President - RAYMOND LTD. “The Chairman’s Collection of suiting, a 220s pure wool and fine cashmere blend, is a fabric so exclusive that only a few mills in the world manufacture it. We are currently weaving our high end qualities on 80 Gamma, 192 GamMax and 68 OptiMax and 24 OMNIplus airjet machines." Read more

Mr Monti

Mr Monti - TESSITURA MONTI "With the mission to be the world leader in the shirting fabric market." Read more