At Picanol we are convinced we can help our customers grow. We’ve done it in the past and are very eager to keep doing so in the future. 

To demonstrate our strong beliefs we have asked some of our customers to explain their choice of Picanol. They all point to different features and aspects of the Picanol weaving machines: energy-friendliness, time-saving capacity, flexibility etc. But they all have one main thing in common: they are companies with ambition and imagination that are determined to keep growing. 

Mr. Asif Siddiq

Mr. Asif Siddiq - CEO - UNION FABRICS "Union Fabrics was the first mill in Pakistan to purchase OMNIplus Summum airjet weaving machines from Picanol. In total 56 Summum machines were installed in weaving widths of 340, 280 and 250 cm, enabling the company to produce a wide range of home textile and institutional fabrics in various working widths with highest quality." Read more

Mr. SK Agarwal

Mr. SK Agarwal - OSWAL WOOLLEN MILLS LIMITED "Regularly reviewing and upgrading technology is one of the focus points of our company. The choice for Picanol to weave denim was the logical outcome." Read more

Mr. Aguinaldo

Mr. Aguinaldo - Cedro textil "We are running with mill efficiencies of 93% and above, thanks to Energy-saving technologies." Read more

Mr. Gurcharan Singh & Mr. Gurvinder Singh

Mr. Gurcharan Singh & Mr. Gurvinder Singh - Managing Director & Director - GM FABRICS "We chose Picanol OptiMax rapier machines as they offer Free Flight Technology which offers many advantages." Read more

Mr. Ahmet Kekec

Mr. Ahmet Kekec - Factory Manager - ORTA ANADOLU "The vision was not just to produce denim fabrics but to work with the best brand names in the industry. Soon Orta Anadolu became a preferred manufacturer to worldwide recognised jeanswear brand names." Read more

Mr. Yaqoob Ahmed

Mr. Yaqoob Ahmed - Chairman - ARTISTIC MILLINERS (PVT) LTD "In its weaving department Artistic Milliners installed 122 OMNIplus 800 airjets and 84 OptiMax rapier machines a few years ago. Recently another 2 OMNIplus Summum airjets were added as a start for further expansion." Read more