At Picanol we are convinced we can help our customers grow. We’ve done it in the past and are very eager to keep doing so in the future. 

To demonstrate our strong beliefs we have asked some of our customers to explain their choice of Picanol. They all point to different features and aspects of the Picanol weaving machines: energy-friendliness, time-saving capacity, flexibility etc. But they all have one main thing in common: they are companies with ambition and imagination that are determined to keep growing. 

Mr. Muhammad Atif Lakhani, Technical Director and Mr. Imran Khan, General Manager

Mr. Muhammad Atif Lakhani, Technical Director and Mr. Imran Khan, General Manager - Yunus Textile Mills Limited Yunus Textile Mills has transformed itself from a supplier of basic bedding products to a world-renowned supplier of home textile products to top-tier retailers and brands across the United States and Europe. For its weaving operations Yunus operates over 300 Picanol airjets including OMNIplus, OMNIplus 800 and the latest OMNIplus Summum. Read more

Mr. G.S. Rudra Gowda - General Manager Weaving

Mr. G.S. Rudra Gowda - General Manager Weaving - ETCO Denim Picanol has supplied ETCO Denim with 160 state-of-the-art Summum airjet machines which have been running since 2013 at highest speeds and efficiencies, producing top-class fabrics for domestic and international markets. Read more

Mr. Dashrath Patel & Mr. Mikul Patel

Mr. Dashrath Patel & Mr. Mikul Patel - Global Fabrics Pvt. Ltd When it comes to reliability and quality of machines, Picanol's advanced metallurgy is supremely important. Across India you see Picanol machines running perfectly even after 20 years. Read more

Christophe Lambert

Christophe Lambert - TDV industries “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an action but a habit.” This quotation from Aristotle perfectly reflects our way of working at TDV Industries, which doesn’t stop us from continuously striving to further improve. Read more

Hi-Tech Textiles

Hi-Tech Textiles - (Jajunda Group) After a detailed study and comparing performance of various airjet machines, they decided to buy Picanol and installed 24 of the very latest, state-of-the-art Summum airjets. Read more

Frottana Textile

Frottana Textile In the little town where Germany, Poland and Czech Republic meet, you can find the headquarters of Frottana Textile. Right from the very beginning the company has taken account of various factors that are very important: not only quality but also ecology as well as the economic and social aspects. Thus the company is known for its very good price/performance ratio, as well as its environmental performance. Read more