At Picanol we are convinced we can help our customers grow. We’ve done it in the past and are very eager to keep doing so in the future. 

To demonstrate our strong beliefs we have asked some of our customers to explain their choice of Picanol. They all point to different features and aspects of the Picanol weaving machines: energy-friendliness, time-saving capacity, flexibility etc. But they all have one main thing in common: they are companies with ambition and imagination that are determined to keep growing. 

Mr. José Rosas, Weaving Manager

Mr. José Rosas, Weaving Manager - Riopele Riopele is successfully running 30 Picanol machines, an order that was placed after extensive trials which included two other possible suppliers. Picanol was able to prove its advantages compared with the others, with the trials focusing on production (speed and stop levels), fabric quality (contrast, aspect and defects) and energy consumption (power and air consumption). Read more

Mr. Yang, Chairman

Mr. Yang, Chairman - Rizhao Sanyin "We focus on producing the highest quality bed sheeting, not simply producing in volume. Picanol continually offers the right solution and service levels for us." Read more

Mr. Francesco Frezza, Owner

Mr. Francesco Frezza, Owner - Serica 1870 Serica 1870 produces high-quality silk and mixed silk fabrics for leading fashion and clothing companies.It uses 42 Picanol OptiMax rapier machines weaving at speeds of up to 550 RPM and efficiencies of over 96%. Read more

Xian Textile Holdings

Xian Textile Holdings Xian Textile Holdings is a fully vertically integrated enterprise with an annual output of 18,000 tonnes of cotton yarn and 76 million meters of cotton cloth, mainly grey shirting fabric. The first contacts with Picanol date from 1994 when Delta-X airjets were purchased. Recently OMNIplus Summum machines were installed, running at speeds of 900 RPM and above. Read more

Mr. Muhammad Atif Lakhani, Technical Director and Mr. Imran Khan, General Manager

Mr. Muhammad Atif Lakhani, Technical Director and Mr. Imran Khan, General Manager - Yunus Textile Mills Limited Yunus Textile Mills has transformed itself from a supplier of basic bedding products to a world-renowned supplier of home textile products to top-tier retailers and brands across the United States and Europe. For its weaving operations Yunus operates over 300 Picanol airjets including OMNIplus, OMNIplus 800 and the latest OMNIplus Summum. Read more

Mr. G.S. Rudra Gowda - General Manager Weaving

Mr. G.S. Rudra Gowda - General Manager Weaving - ETCO Denim Picanol has supplied ETCO Denim with 160 state-of-the-art Summum airjet machines which have been running since 2013 at highest speeds and efficiencies, producing top-class fabrics for domestic and international markets. Read more