Pushing technical weaving forward. Impossible? Not anymore!

This is the Picanol motto as we bring our machines, services and solutions to the technical weaving market. Picanol is not limited by the conventions and assumptions that every traditional player in this market believes to be true. We take a fresh look and come up with alternative solutions. We have an open mind.

And just like the children in our new campaign, we ask simple but very relevant questions:

- Is your fabric really so special, only one machine in the world can weave it?
- Just because it’s technical, you weave it slower?
- You buy an expensive machine without a second opinion?
- When you need technical support, you have nobody to call?

We don't believe that anybody, no matter how specialized, wants to be locked into a niche market. We believe that everybody can grow through flexibility. We believe that in every market, faster is better. So we dare to say:

High tech with high speed. Impossible? Not anymore!
High spec with flexibility and modularity. Impossible? Not anymore!
World-class technology with world-class customer service, worldwide. Impossible? Not anymore!
Meeting the highest technical standards, yet very competitively priced compared to the market equivalent. Impossible? Not anymore!

Every day, Picanol is making the impossible possible: the large volumes represented by mainstream textiles allow Picanol to invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology, global service and the best price/performance ratio. And even though Picanol already has a strong foothold in technical weaving, there is room for growth.

But above all, we want our customers to grow, through versatility, speed, good service, and reliability. That's why we say: "Let's grow together!"

Discover our beliefs and showcases in the new section of our website: www.letsgrowtogether.be/teamtechnical