Picanol’s technology in the driving seat at Sage USA

Nowadays a new car includes up to 35 kilograms of textiles. Textiles are used to dampen noise, to protect passengers with belts and airbags and to reinforce tires. They are also used in floor mats, driving belts, filters and much more besides. Some of the most visible ones are the textiles used in the car seats.

The fiber of choice in car seating today is texturized polyester filament. Besides strength, it offers good dyeing properties, and is easy to adapt to the many requirements such as resistance to friction and staining, while color-fastness is also excellent.

The automotive industry needs equipment that offers the best price/performance ratio, and because of just-in-time requirements machinery must be very reliable. On top of that, as production sites are spread all over the globe an efficient service network is required as well.

For all these and more reasons, Picanol has been chosen by many leading car seating weavers. Picanol delivers what they want: quality equipment with the best price/performance ratio, backed up by a global service network. Sage USA is one of our well-known customers in this market.

Car seating must combine esthetics and functionality, and so patterning is very important. Car seats are mostly woven on dobbies and jacquards, and in some cases the correct aspect is obtained by using more unusual weft yarns such as monofil and chenille. Such conditions suit a "negative free flight rapier" machine like the OptiMax very well. When long runs and standard weft yarns are predominant, airjets such as the OMNIplus Summum do an excellent job.

No wonder that a growing number of customers purchase a mix of negative rapiers and airjets from one central partner, to further reduce the costs of training, maintenance, spares and accessories. Picanol aims to be the partner of choice for these players.

Picture: Sage USA uses high-performance machines running at highest speeds while minimizing waste, energy consumption and maintenance: the OMNIplus Summum 4-color Dobby 190 cm