Picanol’s OptiMax-i offers a worthy alternative for the carpet-backing industry

Thanks to the development of wide-width machines and positive guided grippers, Picanol managed to provide a worthy alternative for a market that had been dominated by projectile machines for more than 40 years.

Since Picanol showed a wide-width machine at ITMA Barcelona in 2011, many wider-width weavers and in particular carpet-backing weavers have shown interest in the technology as it effectively lowers their maintenance costs. It also gives their designers many opportunities to come up with different mixes of products, both for primary and for secondary backings.

As a result customers in this industry now really have an alternative technology to choose from, namely the OptiMax-i machine from Picanol. A high-speed flexible rapier machine equipped with guided positive grippers, built by a strong, future-oriented player and backed up by a global service-network.

No wonder leading carpet-backing weavers such as Mattex have already chosen Picanol for their state-of-the-art production facilities (see picture).

Pic 1: The difference between primary and secondary backing
Pic 2: View of the Mattex weave room, USA